Our Domain

My family has been growing grapes for four generations. Today I am proud to welcome my daughter Marie, who has been exploring winemaking all around the world, to join us in our estate. That means that the 5th generation of our family winery will be represented by a female winemaker. The history of our Domain goes back in the year 1988. This was the year that I created my own estate after having worked with my father and brother for many years.

Gradually, I have bought some plots, one after the other, to reach today 11 hectares located in Santenay, Cheilly-les-Maranges and Dezize-les-Maranges town. (Maranges appellation)

Passionate by the vine work, and conscious that the grapes are the first raw material for a good wine, my wife and I have always cultivated our vines while being committed to cultivating in the respect of the environment.

That’s why our vines are exploited under the principle of integrated vine growing. This practice is based on the observation, reflection, respect and protection of our terroir.

We favour the fulfillment of each vine through intervention in the microbian life of the soils thanks to natural fertilizers. Our vines are separated by grass spaces and treated according to the actual need of each plot.